Friday, May 13, 2011

New and biggest date.

Well, I have been ultra running since 2007.  It all begin with a trip to Stump Jump in Chattanooga in Oct. 2006.  Several friends and I did the 11 miler.  That in itself was a challenging, but I knew as soon as I finished I wanted to come back for the 50K the following I did.  What a day!!  It was VERY hot... I finished just inside the top 50% of 225 or so runners with a time of 7:34.  It was painful.... lots of cramps, etc.. Before I got to the finish line, I was saying to myself....NEVER again.  They say...never say never huh?  Before I got home, I was already looking for another 50K.  Since then, I have quite a few under my belt.  Some great times, some not so great times, but I always start looking for the next one. 
As an ultra runner, doing a 100 miler is always in back of your head...thinking, wondering.  Is it doable for me?  There is doubt!  But I remember when I first started running 5k's.... whewww, 10k's?  NO way!  The I did a few 10k's.  Half marathon?  No way!   Well, you see where this is going.  So, YES a 100 mile run is doable for me!  I have now done a few Ironman triathlons.  Well, two that I finished and one that I had an injury with 13.1 miles left and had to DNF.  I learned many years ago, a DNF is not such a bad thing if you do it to prevent further injury.  So, I was fine with it. 
I have a few friends that have completed 100 milers.  Most of the time they have finished, sometimes they have not...and that is fine!  It happens.  Especially at that type distance.
So now, I am signed up for my first!  The Rocky Raccoon 100 in Huntsville, TX on February 4, 2012.  I have much to learn about 100 mile running and LOTS of miles to run in training.  I am more excited (and somewhat nervous) than I was when I signed up for that first Ironman back in 2006.  I look forward to sharing my journey.  Prayers and training partners welcomed!